Anatomy Of A Sheet Set

Anatomy of a Sheet Sets

Anatomy of a Bed Sheets

There is nothing more important than our beds and the sheets we put on them. The amount of time we spend in our beds is more on average than any other activity. It is important for the bed to be comfortable, the sheets soft and cozy and the room inviting. Relaxation, comfort, and a peaceful environment are key to a good night sleep. Everyone has a different preference for how they like to sleep and what they want in the bedroom environment. It is really important to know what you like and dislike to make your sleeping experience the best. Most importantly you need to understand your sheet set. When you buy a sheet set please know there will be a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases and sometimes four pillow cases. You want the sheet set to fit the bed properly. The mattress has everything to do with the sheet set fitting the bed. The depth of the mattress and the pocket size of the fitted sheet must match in order for the fitted sheet to hug the mattress. The worst thing is waking up in the middle of the night because half of your fitted sheet sets is off the bed. Anatomy of a Sheet Set - Anatomy of a Bed Sheet Before you buy a sheet set, please make sure you measure the mattress and know the depth needed for the fitted sheet. After you know the size needed to fit the bed you must then decide on fabrication and fiber content. The best is 100% Cotton. There is nothing better than a luxurious soft cotton sheet. Cotton will get softer with each washing. Due to the long staple of the cotton, the fabric will breath, and you can be sure of a restful night. How do you like to sleep in your environment? Do you need it to be warm to sleep or cold to sleep? Do you like warm cozy flannel or jersey sheet sets? Do you like cool and crisp percale of sateen sheets. Flannel is some of the fluffiest and warmest fabric on earth. For cold winter nights’ flannel sheet sets are the best! Jersey sheets are in many ways like flannel, but you can use jersey all year round and still get the same soft and cozy feel of flannel. Both jersey and flannel are super durable, they will last wash after wash and kids love these sheets! If you like to sleep cool cotton sateen and percale are great for sheet sets. Once again they are 100% Cotton with a long staple for that same softness and durability. Percale and Sateen are woven with the finest threads for a soft and crisp feel. The sheets are cool to the touch and because they are cotton breath with you. Now that we have the temperature that is right for you to sleep you can pick the right fabric for your sheets. As soon as the bed is made it will be sweet dreams!


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