High Quality Towels Set

How to pick the most luxurious towels reasonable budget

Towels are a very important item to have in your home. You can never have to many towels. 100%  Cotton Terry towels are super soft, durable, and absorb moisture very well. There are many towels out in the market, so it is really important to know what you want and how the different type of towels perform.  There are micro fiber towels and flat weave cotton towels sold everywhere. However, at the end of the day there is nothing like 100% Cotton terry cloth towels with loops that extend from the woven base, they are the most absorbent and long staple cotton is the best as the yarn is smoother and stronger. These type of towels will last five to ten years with great drying ability, little to no shrinkage and fading.   Overall  these towels  have great wear and wash ability.  A well washing and substantial towel is key. 500GSM is a great weight as it is a beefy towel but not too heavy. Briarwood Home’s Collection of towels are the exact towel you want. They are 500GSM in weight, they are made to be super soft and absorbent, but they are not too heavy. The cotton is fluffy and pulls the moisture from your skin without the towel being weighted down with water. These towels will dry quickly and be ready for the next use without a mildew smell. Within the Briarwood Home brand there are a few different types of towels, Ring Spun Cotton, Zero Twist, and Jacquards. These towels are about function and style. The right towel for you is practical and luxurious when you are using it and decorative as an accent piece to the bathroom when it sits on the towel bar or shelf.


Briarwood Home depicts its each product by its unique identity. As we cover full range of best bath sheets, beach towels, bath linen and  luxury towels. Best home decor products, we have categorized those for your convince as per your budget.  High quality towels set, bath towels, designer towel sets all are available at Briarwood Home

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