Which Sheet Set For Which Season

Which Linen For Which Season?

Percale, sateen, linen, or flannel? Mix them for optimal temperature and wear, say the experts.
If you’re like most people, you probably purchase sheets in a set. But there’s no rule that says your sheets have to match. In fact, you might sleep better if you incorporate a variety of sheeting fabrics on your bed seasonally and as your budget allows (so you can splurge where it counts). We’ve also found there are some benefits to this method for maximizing the longevity of your sheets and calibrating the best sheet combo for partners who like different textures.

Experts say that using the same sheet linen sheet all year round is not too healthy, but mixing them up for optimal temperature and wear for example using Flannel bed linen, Jersey bed linen, Sateen bed linen, Modal bed linen, Melange bed linen or Percale linen may serve you better to sleep with different temperatures changing all-round the year. Keep in mind that there are some benefits to this method for maximizing the longevity of your sheet sets with different linens.

Jersey Linen Sheets

jersey linen sheets

The jersey sheets are known for their durability, softness, absorbency and breathability. The Jersey sheet absorbs moisture and evaporates it into the surrounding air without feeling damp. The sheets are very durable and smooth in touch, which help you choose the right home décor range to incorporate in your bed room. The fresh and unique designs of Jersey sheet sets at Briarwood are presented in elite style. There is a vast collection available for the jersey sheet sets made with the finest Egyptian cotton. The freshly designed bedding sheets sets with style for comfortable sleep from luxurious to charming designs. These sheets sets are normally available in light to medium weight with their soft breathable and smooth to the touch aspects. Basically Jersey itself is a fabric, mainly used for the manufacturing of clothing. The origin of Jersey is from wool. But with changing times Jersey is now made of cotton, Synthetic fibers and wool too. The specialty of the Jersey is that it is light weight, durable and soft. Jersey sheets are softer and more comfortable with wear. They feel cool when temperatures raise cozy in the winter.

Flannel Linen Sheets:

flannel linen sheets

Flannel is warm, suited perfectly for winter sheet sets for your bed. Flannel cotton sheets are a substitute for lightweight blankets as they are warm in texture should keep you warm without any additional blanket or cover sheets. The Thread count of the Turkish cotton, which is used for Flannel is, 150 GSM in the manufacturing of these sheets. Which make them look finer and softer to touch. The sheets have elastic all around so that the grip of round the mattress is better and the sheets stay in place. Flannel sheet sets are frequently used for baby bedding due to the softness. They are made of a blend of wool and synthetic material so if you have an allergy to wool, you will more than likely not be able to use flannel sheets.

Flannel is originally is a wool based fabric. Its blends are made from a range of fibers which include, cotton, nylon and polyester. Flannel is typically a dull fabric, with fuzzy and soft appearance. Cotton Flannel can be single or double napped, napping means a finishing process by which the fabric’s threads are raised. The napped surface mean that the fibers move when brushed or rubbed and give the flannel a soft feel and slight pile. Flannel sheet sets fabric retain heat because of the above napping process as explained.  Makes it warm, and absolutely perfect for winter bedding. Flannel sheet sets are made of 100% cotton, Turkish cotton which is. The sheet sets are knitted and brushed. The Flannel sheet sets are regularly brushed several times for softness.

Percale Linen Sheets:

Percale Linen Sheets

Percale is not a soft fiber. It’s stiff and it wrinkles but on the other hand the sheet has to be put under the comforter and you don’t need to iron it very often. For soft and cozy sheets, pima and supima cotton or cotton blended with some kind of synthetic fiber should be more preferred. While Percale sheets are totally cool and crisp for hot season. For places where the weather is hot and humid, Percale sheets are highly recommended, as they are absorbent, breathable and crisp and keep your bed cool. The Percale sheets pile is precise durable and smooth to touch. After being washed they feel smooth. These sheets have the quality to resist piling even after years of washing. In Percale sheets, which are made of 100 percent cotton fiber, may feel crisp and cooler in comparison to the other ones which are manufactured by mixing with other synthetic fibers. Therefore these sheets are perfect for warm weather. Lighter colors may serve as cheery on the cake, while making the sheet feel even softer and smoother.

Modal Linen Sheets:

Modal Linen sheets

Modal sheets are made by blending Modal with cotton fiber. This gives the cocktail fabric a tough feel and also makes the cotton seems lighter. The mixing of Modal with cotton, a natural fiber, makes cool and breathable sheet sets. The cotton fabric wraps well too, therefore sheets made from this fabric have roomy, flowing cuts. In other words these sheets are breathable and cool, good for warm and humid climates. Modal does not trap body heat, so it’s comfortable for moderate activity. To experience the lush feel, Modal sheet sets are ecologically blended from pulp of European beech wood tree also. So you can sleep comfortably at night in your bed. It feels soft and smooth. A typical Modal sheet has a high strength fiber and is silky soft. It has a refined smooth touch. It is excellent in breathability and moisture management features. Modal sheet sets are processed under the conditions to produce a fiber which is stronger and stable when wet. Modal sheets feel softer similar to cotton. Modal does not need to be softened in hot water, as these sheets are already softer and slightly thinner. Modal is very sustainable fiber as it seldom shows any pulls after being washed.

Sateen Linen Sheets:

Sateen linen sheets

Briarwood Home is an exclusive home décor spot from where you can buy attractive and comfortable home furnishing products. There is something for everyone to choose from Briarwood Home, in every budget, from low to medium to high price range. Sateen is the kind of fabric which is woven from cotton yarns. This means that the fabric is normally on one side of the fabric which gives it a smoother look. Sateen is a smooth fabric and its texture has a silky, glossy finish on one side and matte finish on the other. If Sateen sheet is made with cotton with a high thread count. It is durable relatively. Its smoothness and high luster gives it a luxurious quality. Sateen sheets drape well and are long-lasting. Sateen sheets are great for summer or for those of us who run warm when we sleep. These sheets don’t wrinkle badly with washing there is no real problem with them as they are a dream to sleep on.

Amazon Linen For Sheet Sets:

Best linen on amazon

These are the best linen sheet sets available online, recommended, for long use. These keep you warm and cool in season to come by, easy to wash, do not wrinkle after washing and are affordable!  The sheets are available on many outlets in New York and online store.  As the winter season opens or otherwise too. Briarwood Home produces best of the best California King Sheet sets along with other sizes and colors too.  Home decor online sites and web stores like amazon.com, lelaan.com, walmart are the places from where you can buy these sheets on best price with near to good quality.

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